How it Works

My Travel Teddy is very simple. Children create travel teddies and send them, along with a cover letter, to recipients who treat the visitors as guests. They take them places, do interesting things with them, then return them, along with a completed journal. In addition to sending the bears, participants could also send along images of the owners so it could be a family trip. Girls, boys, grandparents and parents could all make appearances as they accompany their bears.

My Travel Teddies can be actual toy teddy bears or can even be pictures of the bears. These pictures can be sent as attachments and printed on a colour printer. This way, there is no expense in mailing bears.

There are several ways to set up an exchange. The best way is to create an account to access the List of Participants. Click on the e-mail link beside the name of the person to send an e-mail asking if it's OK to send My Travel Teddy for a visit.
If you send My Travel Teddies by regular mail, be sure to include a cover letter telling the recipient about you and where you live. Also, use the template on the site to create bears that are not too bulky and therefore more affordable to send. This is a wonderful opportunity to get the students involved in researching their area and its history. Information that can be included could be the population, places people work, things the place is famous for, what type of bears live in your area,  seasons, temperature and anything of interest that someone else would like to learn.

E-mail Only Option

While it's always a big event for the students and home-schooling families to receive  packages in the mail, there is the expense of mailing paper My Travel Teddies and the accompanying journals and souvenirs. That's why an e-mail only option should be considered.
When making contact with others through the List of Participants, simply request that exchanges be made  through e-mail only.

My Travel Teddies can be scanned on a scanner, created using a graphics program, or photographed with a digital camera then sent as e-mail attachments. Students who host the bears can use a word processor to describe their adventures and paste their creative writing into an e-mail.

The recipient can  print  the attachment and take digital pictures of it with students and in interesting places, then send the creative writing back to the sender by e-mail and the pictures  as attachments. These digital images can also be easily added to the My Travel Teddy Picture Gallery blogs by either the senders or the recipients.

Students get to use current technology, expenses are reduced and My Travel Teddies still get to travel the world. 
Send or travel with a teddy bear or a paper bear and record its adventures
My Travel Teddy

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